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Welcome to ‘Laboratory of Biological Chemistry’ (abbreviated as SEIKA in Japanese)!!


Members (Apr 2017~): 

• Prof. Takahiro ISHIKAWA

• Associate Prof. Takanori MARUTA

• Associate Prof. Takahisa OGAWA

• Assistant Prof. Hiroyuki ASHIDA
 (who is a member of Interdisciplinary Center for Science Research, Shimane Univ.)

with 1 postdoc, 2 technicians, 8 master students and 8 undergraduate students (Apr 2017)!


Professors emeriti:

Yoshihiro SAWA, Hitoshi SHIBATA, Hideo OCHIAI


Research interests: 

◯Ascorbate Metabolism and Function
— Biosynthesis (D-Mannose/L-Galactose pathway)
— Recycling (DHAR and MDAR)
— Transport System

◯Reactive Oxygen Species: Cytotoxicity and Signaling Roles
— Ascorbate-Glutathione Cycle
— Water-Water Cycle
— Signal Transduction

◯Nudix Hydrolases: Regulation of Cofactors Function
— Pyridine Nucleotides and Plant Stress Responses
— Metabolism and Transport of Flavins

◯Euglena as the Source of Biofuels
— Regulation of Wax Ester Fermentation

and so on. 


Recent Publications (2010~): still under construction